Friday, July 16, 2010

A Blog All For Me...

The meaning behind this blog changed several times before I was happy with it. While I adore my blog about my daughter, there are certain things I didn't feel like cluttering it up with. I need a place to rant and rave, a place to have a giveaway or two, a place to blog about interesting giveaways I come across, ...a place for you to get to know me as myself instead of just me as Abby's mommy. So this is my little corner, to fuss about whatever I want to and to clutter up as I please :)

I've had alot on my mind this past week, alot of things really annoying me and I needed to get it out. I'll probably be making several small posts throughout the day...can't do too much at a time with Abby distracting me and demanding my attention lol. And yes, the long awaited giveaway will be posted either today or tomorrow.

Until I can really get this started please excuse the bareness of my blog...I'll get it looking pretty soon enough.

Have a great Friday!

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