Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Card Time!

Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet? Already have them ready to address and mail out? Completely lost track of time and haven't even gotten started? lol don't worry, I haven't either. This time last year I had everything ready to go except for writing addresses on the envelopes. This year is a completely different story. I've been telling myself for a month to get started on my cards. This year I want to use a photo card to make things special since it's Abby's First Christmas :) I took cute holiday pictures of her the first weekend of November at the Holiday House so that I would have a festive picture to use on the cards. Yep, took the pictures...haven't even started editing them yet. Then I decided I wanted to take some pictures in her Christmas tutu to possibly we did that this past weekend and nope, haven't edited any of those yet either. Now I'm beginning to slightly panic since Thanksgiving is in two days (!) and I have not gotten started on my Christmas cards.

The one thing I am sure of is that I will be ordering my cards from Shutterfly. I have used Shutterfly in the past for ordering prints and I always love how everything turns out. I went browsing through Shutterfly's Photo Christmas Card selection and I was thrilled to find such a wonderful variety. At first I wanted to use just one picture...then thought about adding a family picture...and now after taking all these cute tutu pictures and after looking through/editing her pictures I have several to choose from. Of course I can't make my mind up on just one or two so I'm happy to see that Shutterfly has several card options that allow for numerous pictures. This is a wonderful thing for someone as indecisive as I am (lol I can't help it). Now I have the impossible decision of choosing just one cute card background.

Since my parents love receiving pictures of my little cutie I decided to take a look at Shutterfly's other photo gift options. There's Photo Calenders and Photo Books, Personalized Mugs and so much more! I will definitely be able to find the perfect gift for everyone here! There are even New Year's cards available!! Now I can spread even more cheer and be festive :)

Best part of all...Shutterfly is giving 50 FREE Holiday Photo Cards to Bloggers that blog about them!! What a wonderful way to get in a festive mood and prepare for the holidays!! To submit your request to participate, simply go HERE :) Enjoy!

Well, not thanks to Shutterfly I'm all ready to get my cards created and ordered (that is ...after I edit and choose which pictures to use lol...oh well, Shutterfly can't help with everything:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my background...

lol hubby just pointed out to me that if this was supposed to be for "moms" then why did I have such a kiddie background.....

I told him its because I think the background is cute and it makes me smile and moms are allowed childish things every once in awhile LOL and yes, I then proceeded to stick my tongue out at him :)

I will be changing it soon...once I find something that I like and that suits my blog. For now this is cute and cheers me up every time I look at it :) Plus I'm in a Christmas mood today

A Place for Me

With things getting pretty crazy around here I decided I needed a little place just for me...a place I can rant and rave and express my opinions on things that might not be baby related. A place for other mommies to come and not have everything focused just on their things will be more for the mommies. Which means every once in awhile a giveaway or two just for mom! How awesome is that :)

I never get much time for myself. Between chasing after Abby during the day and taking care of the house at night its usually bedtime before I know it. And while I adore blogging on Adventures in Abby Land, I didn't want to clog up that blog with my ranting and raving. Everyone once in awhile I have something to just go off about and I needed a place for that LOL. Plus I would love to include some reviews for more grown-up things as well as have giveaways that are focused solely on us ladies, the sometimes over-worked under appreciated in need of a little spoiling mommies :)