Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Place for Me

With things getting pretty crazy around here I decided I needed a little place just for me...a place I can rant and rave and express my opinions on things that might not be baby related. A place for other mommies to come and not have everything focused just on their things will be more for the mommies. Which means every once in awhile a giveaway or two just for mom! How awesome is that :)

I never get much time for myself. Between chasing after Abby during the day and taking care of the house at night its usually bedtime before I know it. And while I adore blogging on Adventures in Abby Land, I didn't want to clog up that blog with my ranting and raving. Everyone once in awhile I have something to just go off about and I needed a place for that LOL. Plus I would love to include some reviews for more grown-up things as well as have giveaways that are focused solely on us ladies, the sometimes over-worked under appreciated in need of a little spoiling mommies :)

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